Reflections of Grace

October 3rd, 2012

I have the sweetest, easiest, cutest baby on the planet. Really. He is the perfect child.

 Sometimes I catch myself wondering if we really are super amazing parents and just don’t know it. But then I have to stop myself sharply. Everything good in Miles is a reflection of grace, pure and simple. And any good parenting ability in me is grace as well.

You would think the idea of grace would have been heavy on my mind the past couple months, as I have been struggling with old health issues… again. On those mornings when I cannot get out of bed until 9 or 10, those moments when I’m sure I am a terrible mommy, and those nights when the dishes are still in the sink, supper never got made, the laundry is wrinkling in the dryer, and Chris comes home to find me in tears, those are the days when I should cling harder than ever to grace. Usually though, those are the days when I panic because I can’t do it.  I get frustrated because I want so much to invest in the lives of others but cannot handle my own little life and end up pulling back from people. I fall apart because I’m so scared that I cannot be who God has called me to be and cannot handle the responsibility already in front of me.You would think I’d have learned by now. Really.

I need a reset. I need to stop and purposefully accept the grace of God in my life. I want to be made beautiful by the constant meditation on His beauty, His grace, His strength perfected. Every good thing is from Him. I MUST accept. I MUST embrace.

More of Him and less of me is all that will clean up my mess and give me peace and beauty.

I want my life to be full of reflections of grace.

4 Responses to “Reflections of Grace”

  1. Lauren S says:

    I want to sit with you and have coffee and kiss your cute baby. That’s what I want.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Christy. Being a new mom as well, I’ve learned much in these last 5 months, made mistakes, learned, and started again. Thanks to people’s advice when I get so overwhelmed at the work needing done in the house, the Lord reminds me what’s really important when I see a precious little face smiling up at me. 🙂 So last night, despite the fact that I had laundry to fold, dishes to wash, rooms to straighten up, and a suitcase to unpack from our trip, I held my little girl as she went to sleep and continued holding her while she slept, admiring her peaceful and sweet face. Soooo many things to learn. 🙂 Thanks for being so open, my friend! Enjoy your little man, because he won’t be around forever. <3 And he is a CUTIE!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. WHAT A CUTE BABY! Seriously. I could just eat him up.

    And what a beautiful reflection: may it all be grace.

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