Growing Pains

September 12th, 2013

Its been a hard month. I won’t go into it all, but suffice it to say that it seems like all the hard parts of being an adult in the grown up world are pushing down on us at once, (May I just state for the record that I hate money? Oh, and why is it that dinner must be made every single night? And be healthful? And why, for the love of sanity, can employers not treat their employees like human beings?)  and on top of that we’ve all had head colds.

You know how high schoolers or whatnot complain about how hard life is and always get told “This is nothing. Just wait til you are an adult.” or, “Someday you will wish this was all you had to worry about.” and basically just “Suck it up. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”  But I really don’t think that is a fare attitude. See, humans are constrained by this thing called growth. We weren’t born finished. We have to learn. A runner doesn’t complete a marathon the first time he steps outside his door, but he may work just as hard that first day to run a mile as he does the day he completes the great race. Its all about conditioning and growth and learning. Something that is hard one day will be mindless eventually. We accept these facts when it comes to new knowledge or new skills, but why not with all of life? A one year old works just as hard for those first steps as the runner does for his marathon, a high schooler gives all he has for that 4.0, and without those toddling first steps, and hard studying , and life experience, a “real life adult” will never make it in the world. It is not that earlier tasks required less effort.

So really, the hard stuff in life is just growing pains. Moments designed to push us into greater knowledge of life and God and greater skill to work for His purposes. And as hard as it is, I want to grow. So this hard stuff, its ok. And I know its not too much, because Jesus always promised a way to escape anything that was. Its nice to know He trusts me with more than He did a while ago.

I see this happening big as life before me every day. See?










And in those moments when the growing pains just seem to much, and I feel my huge belly might just explode, I look at my little boy who is right this minute crawling up my leg wanting to be held, and I know it is so worth it. I look Miles in the eyes and tell him he was, and is, worth it, worth the emotional upheaval and the physical discomfort, which reminds me that this little one I have yet to meet is worth it as well. And so is true of every area of life. Growing is worth it. It is what we were made for.

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