A Little Ong Family Update

April 3rd, 2014

So there was a baby born in this house almost 6 months ago, and that is the last this blog knows of our life.
In case you were wondering, she is a cute baby.


Our little family has adjusted even better than expected to this little girl who stole all our hearts. She slept beautifully and doled out smiles quite liberally, even from a few days old. Her big brother adores her completely. I love watching the two of them together. As she gets older and interacts more they have had so much fun together. She is the first thing he looks for each morning.


We had a lovely holiday season. It is such an incredible blessing to have both sides of the family near by, and to want to spend time with each of them. We don’t take that for granted.

























Ella is growing like a weed, of course. It amazes me how much faster she seems to grow than Miles did, because we have more to distract us. We turned around one day, and there she was just sitting up. When did she get old enough for that?


























I am loving having a daughter. Boys are wonderful, and I’ve always said I want lots of them, but there is a special bond between a mommy and her little girl that caught me off guard. I can’t wait to be best friends for ever with this tiny beauty.

























My boy makes my heart smile every day. He is at such a fun stage, full of exploring and generally lots of dirt. He is always thinking outside the box and doing things I don’t see other kids doing. Not that he does much of what normal kids do anyway. We are learning trust and patience when it comes to that kid.


We are growing and stretching so much these days. Chris and I are constantly having conversations about all we have yet to learn, and encouraging each other to grow more. Our children are so good for us.


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